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Important Dates To Remember


Living In Westchester

Now is the time for homeowner to begin the process of trying to lower their real estate taxes as the deadlines are approaching. Your home
just might be over assessed with the recent decline in home values.
And a visit to your tax assessor to ask your home’s tax assessment
might be fruitful.
Grievance Deadline Days

Bedford 3rd Tuesday in June

Lewisboro 3rd Tuesday in June

Mount Kisco 3rd Tuesday in June

North Castle 3rd Tuesday in June

North Salem 3rd Tuesday in June

Pound Ridge 3rd Tuesday in June

Somers 3rd Tuesday in June

Yorktown 3rd Tuesday in June

Your home’s assessment is based on fair market value. It is calculated
by the property’s assessment and the tax rate of the municipalities
where the property is located. Your town assessor might use sold properties that are similar to your home in determining an assessment
or a formula for replace cost. And the amount similar homes pay
in your surrounding area.

Your first step is to visit assessor of your town. If you do not like the determination you can hire an attorney to represent you. The name of proceeding is called a Right Of Certiorari.

If you pay taxes or if you thinking of selling your home lowering your taxes might be the carrot for your buyers!